Enkelson Security

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Someone is following me, what to do?
Someone is following you. what to do? When we are on the street have to be prepared and alert to quickly identify if we are being followed.
Enkelson at ASIS 2014
Enkelson Security present at ASIS 2014
About Enkelson Security
Enkelson Security Inc employs highly qualified personnel with expertise in the field of physical security, personal security, electronic intelligence, surveillance, document analysis, financial fraud, counterfeiting, wiretapping, eavesdropping, embezzlement and harassment. We also have trained personnel which specialize in the areas of personal protection and preventive driving for guarding and ensuring the physical safety of executives visiting Venezuela.
No matter what type of security or investigative service you require, we can provide that service in a cost effective, efficient and professional manner
Personal Security
Enkelson Security provides short-term and long term Executive Protection specialists to a variety, including senior corporate executives, entertainers/celebrities, sport personalities, dignitaries, high net worth individuals, and other prominent individuals who are increasingly at risk of kidnapping, criminal assault and other threats. Our security professionals agents are held to the Highest Standards trained and experienced to minimize these risks while maintaining a daily routine. Learn More
Physical Security
Enkelson Security consulting provides a comprehensive approach to information security and risk manager for a company or private property as well. Learn More